Judy writes about Still Alice

Still Alice

Jude on Still Alice:

When I was returning the Kingsolver stinker to the library last¬† Sunday, I grabbed the book Still Alice, by the same author as Left Neglected. I didn’t purposefully look for this book. That’s the beauty of the South Street library. It’s tiny. A good place to check out the NYTimes book review, or sneak a peek at stars without their makeup in People. It’s not good if you’re looking for a specific book though, they’re almost sure not to have it there if you need it. But you can take a chance on a book. I’ve had great some successes with the book potluck there. So while lurking up and down the aisle, I spied this one and remembered it has been recommended to me. I really expected just to skim until I found my next good read. But it was really good. I think of it as a modern day horror story…50 year old Harvard linguistics professor is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease.¬† gah! The book is written from her perspective. It’s so insightful about what it must be like to lose your memory and ability to function and to have your personality and identity slowly slip away. It was a really fast read. I think it was a pretty solid, well written story. Thought provoking… and so on. Worth checking out next time you’ve got a hole in your reading list.

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